Competition Format:


For Friday Night's Show, 16 groups will perform against a 4 minute timer, competing for their place in finals. Giddy up & bring your best to land a spot

in the Acatex Top 6! 



Not the competitive type? Come learn and cheer on your favorites!

You can choose to perform at our Saturday Showcase for the stage experience and judges' feedback, and remain a non-competitive group.

Wild Card

Didn't make the top 6? Don't worry, li'l darlin'! Remaining groups participate in the "Wild Card" round. The hosts will draw a lucky group at random before soundcheck, and the selected group will be back in saddle again. Head backstage to prepare for your second chance at winning big!


Go big or go home, y'all! The Acatex Top 6, along with the Wild Card winner, will throw down their 12-minute song-slingin' set for Saturday Night's showdown!


Finalists will have the opportunity to win industry related prizes, such as studio recordings, arrangements, video singles, and more. 

Judges will also have the opportunity to present special awards as they see fit. These will be presented at the preliminary & final round.


Groups will receive both a numerical score and comments from judges, as well as detailed notes from other industry professionals. Acatex values legitimate, actionable feedback from multiple perspectives to ensure you grow from this experience & come back next year, ya hear?